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Subject: single f seeks couple ..
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pantease 23.12.11 - 03:38pm
you couples are ALWAYS ALWAYS hounding this site for bi girls.. HERE'S A BI GIRL.

a SINGLE one too not a fkn CHEAT lol :) come play.. you mob are always whinging you can't get single bi chicks hehe I'm feeding the needs of the s*xually depraved and deprived !! i do as I'm told, i follow PARTNER rules not just go with the flow and 'forget' she may have asked i not to kiss him for eg. and upset the fun. i am a s*xual giver not a taker so i LOVE to make sure i spend as much time as humanly possible pleasuring her because that's my little role kink with a chick an in laymen terms i just control the situation by being sub and lap up that sweet lady scent.

say hi even if u wanna use me for a one nighter I'M NOT OFFENDED i just need an pusc! ONOW I SAY! *

manaus 1.01.12 - 06:27pm
you will do well im sure purfectly said x x x *

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